Stop! Step Away From That Comfort Zone

Moose Madness

There are times in your life that you need to put down the comfort blanket you are clutching tightly in your hands and step out and step forward.

How many times have you heard yourself say “I would love to do that”, “I wish I had the courage to go there”, “I want to be able to……”. Then stop saying it and actually do it! The only person stopping you is YOU. The only person creating excuses, reasons, roadblocks for this is YOU.

If you have spent your lifetime finding a reason not to do something or you blame others or situations then I think we both may agree that to change something you have to change what you do, how you think and actually do stuff!

I know its not easy, yes it takes courage, yes you have to take risks and they may backfire, no the timing or situation doesn’t have to be perfect (or you will be waiting forever) and yes all things are possible if you really want them.

I can only stand on this soapbox because I’ve been there, I totally get it, I had the same conversations with myself that you have now, I told myself every reason in the book to avoid the inevitable step of change. It was fight or flight. I either took life in my hands and guided it where I wanted it to go or I gave up and jumped from this planet that is home. Simple. Give up or damn well fight and conquer. Find the fire in your belly that creates change. Find that voice inside that says, do you know I may fall over a few times but there is nothing to stop me getting back up and trying again.

My mantra of “I can and I will” plays in my head every day. It’s on my office wall, its in my heart and I will not fail.

I get tired of people saying I can’t, I’m unlucky, I wish, what if, it’s scary, I tried before and failed, I don’t know how….. as the inspiring Oprah Winfrey states “you get in life what you have the courage to ask for”. The more you use a negative word, have a negative thought, surround yourself with negative people the more you will fall, the more you will fail. At what point in your life did you get a text, email or letter saying that the world owed you? The only person responsible for you is you. If you’ve got a life you don’t like then find a way to either deal with it or improve it. If you don’t know how, find someone who can help. Some of you may even have had these offers and Mr Pride got in the way and you said no…. swallow the pride and go back and say “I need help, please help me”.

I applaud the man who tries and fails, not because of the failure but because they have tried.

I attach a video today for no other reason than I need to show it. Yesterday I conquered my fear of public speaking. I know there was no audience there (and who knows who sees it on Twitter) but if you have ever videoed or recorded yourself and watched/played it back, you will understand I think how I hated doing this. But the point was I did it and I’ve already agreed to do another (I think I even committed to a santa suit or xmas fairy costume).

The point is I put my big girl knickers on and said I want to promote by business, I want to promote me as that is what changes my life.

I would have gone back to my comfort blanket usually but do you know something…. I think I’ve already thrown it away!




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