Back to being 16

Going back to being 16. No not the hormones or the angst or the “will I fit in and do they like me” emotions. That feeling in your stomach when the boy or girl you fancy finally asks you out on a date and today is the day. That feeling of being 16.

How soon we forget the excitement of being a teenager again and having another person send our pulse rate through the roof. How often do you look at your current husband, wife or partner and experience that? Do we become complacent? Do we forget to appreciate or forget how they made us feel / how we made them feel?

There are those who continually seek that thrill, that excitement, that joy of feeling in love. There are those who seek it outside their current relationship instead of returning back to it with the person they are with. I do not judge but I do ask is it from laziness, have they tried all they can or does it make the rest of their life bearable?

I also wonder if it’s possible to keep that feeling alive or at very least bring it up to date within your relationship. Can you recall what created the excitement? Was it their looks, the fact that they made you laugh or maybe you were swept away by the beautiful words they spoke or maybe their romantic gestures? Can any of that be found again?

But turn the mirror round now and take a look at you. We are quick to presume our relationships die off because of the other person but what about our own part. I openly admit my failings in the past and they help me see where to not repeat actions, words, gestures or emotional ‘cut offs’. What about you? What have you lost, withdrawn from the relationship, forgotten to do or no longer behave in a certain way. Were you the romantic one who simply can’t be bothered anymore? Are you the one who no longer makes the effort in how you look or are you the one who forgets to pay the complements and love the one you’re with?

I don’t now and I’m simply playing devils advocate to stimulate your thoughts and get you to start to question your life and your actions, your personal responsibilities. Question life we should do. Question our own part we should do. Accept your failings, don’t beat yourself with them, simply try it, improve or change. Your relationship is worth it, life is worth it and you most certainly, are worth it.


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