The blank canvas

Each day when we wake we give ourselves the chance to begin again. If yesterday you didn’t do all you wanted or last week you didn’t achieve all your goals, forgive yourself and let it all go.

We can be very critical of ourselves and most unforgiving. We can set our gaze so high that we never see the end to reach the dream. We can often keep on and on, pounding away, banging on and on with something that was never to be. Why do we do this when we can give ourselves permission to stop and begin again? We have the ability and the right to write the story we want it or need it to be. All it takes is courage, heart and ambition and a desire to be better than the day before.

If you woke today and don’t like what you have, don’t feel proud of what you’ve achieved or don’t have faith and belief in where you are heading, then why are you going to get up and repeat the day you had yesterday. You are not living Groundhog Day. You are not stuck on a wheel like a hamster going round and round and round, never moving forward, never progressing and continually coming back to where you began.

In front of you is a new day. In front of you is opportunity. In front of you is whatever you wish to have there. You have the canvas, the colours to create the vision from your mind and the ability to draw any shape or picture your heart desires. You hold the pen.

Take a minute to think about what you are going to paint today on this canvas, the future, the new life you can create, right here, right now. Close your eyes and see where you want to go, what you want to do, who you want to share it all with. See it clearly and don’t worry about the how as if you truly believe it will come, it will be provided. Be honest with your thoughts, dream big but if for whatever reason once you are there the picture doesn’t look as you imagined, you get the chance to erase it and begin again.

The canvas this morning is totally blank so take those colours and create the masterpiece you deserve.


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