Learning something new

When was the last time you went out of your way to learn something new. Not for work, not because you had to but because you wanted to. Ooh I can hear a sharp intake of breath here and little voices saying “what are you on about woman, when do I have time to do that!” I love it when I hear that as it means you are thinking and I love to make people think.

Learning something new takes courage. Learning something new takes time. Learning something new takes a willingness to make yourself uncomfortable. Learning something new shows a passion to grow. Learning something new can lead to a whole new way of being. Learning something new builds confidence, self esteem and knowledge. Learning something new is a positive activity. It doesn’t mean you have to take an evening out of your life for 30 weeks or spend loads on a course that takes you away for a week but it does mean you have to apply yourself, to allow yourself the time and space for you.

So now who says they can’t make time or won’t make time for their own growth, development, learning or fun?

Without too much thought…. If you had half an hour today and the opportunity to learn something new just for fun what would it be? I think I’d like to be in the kitchen learning to bake something I’ve never tried before. I wonder what you chose?

I try and learn something every day. Even if it’s a silly fact or a song, it’s learning and sometimes the sillier it is the better as it reminds me to have fun with my own mind. We are so stuck being serious sometimes. So in a rut of let’s be serious, let’s be pc , let’s say and do exactly what everyone else wants….. Get out, be silly, have fun, learn.

If you can afford the time and space to take the course of your dreams what would it be? What would you take that might change your whole life, your career, where you live, how you live? That’s exactly what I did three years ago. I went on a massage course for a fun weekend with my sister and found my passion, found my calling, found out in time that it would be my life. The best move I ever made so what’s yours going to be?

Learn, have fun, make a commitment to yourself to add a few minutes into your day just for yourself and see what a difference it makes..


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