Leaving, letting go, moving on

When you do something or go somewhere new, even every new endeavour means leaving something behind. You will have touched someone, moved someone, learnt from someone or something, let go of the past or let go of a part of you that no longer serves you. It is progress, it is development, learning and you can’t move forward without leaving some part of who you were behind.

When you leave your house in the morning, most times you will leave the house in order, especially if you are leaving for a few days you will leave it in a state where you can move on comfortably knowing everything is as you wanted to leave it, ready for a new day when you get back. 

Life is the same. If you are going on a journey to somewhere you have never been before you would check a map, sat nav, globe, dependent on the destination. You certainly wouldn’t leave the house without even knowing which vague direction you should be travelling. So why would you do it with your life, your future. Where you are going in your life has to be thought about, planned, researched, there is no way you can successfully achieve if you just get up and start doing something differently. You may get there by sheer fluke but you’re more likely to be successful with some form of roadmap.

When my daughter left for uni it was really hard to let her go. My first born, my baby, stepping out on her own journey, her future, her destiny. It didn’t make me sad though because I knew I had helped her become the young woman she now was. I could confidently let her go knowing she was wise, loving, knowledgable, had ambition and could confidently stand up as the woman she had become. I was happy, proud and thankful.

She had left behind her childhood, her family, the bits of her she no longer needed to be the woman she now was. What she had experienced in this short time had created who she had now become and in time as she moves to the next chapter she will now doubt leave the bits that no longer serve her but will gain so much more.

This journey we are on, life, means change, means letting go, learning, growing, dreaming, living and you should never regret, feel sad or miss things that you leave behind. They will always be a part of you, good or bad, they are the things, experiences, knowledge that make you who you are today as you sit reading this blog. You are an amazing human being with a story to tell and a journey to continue on. 

Eventually you will leave it all behind and take another step forward to who knows where but until then know where you are going and don’t be afraid to let go of where you’ve been.


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