When life passes by

We are all only given the gift of our bodies for a short time. It’s is never meant as infinite and we never have a ‘best before or use by’ date attached. Our bodies and our lives are a gift and we should learn early on that what we do with them is crucial and impacts so many others.

I know a lady that passed this very day and whilst I haven’t seen her in many, many years I can still see her now, particularly at the doorway of her house. She was the hugest influence in my friends life and although her nanny, bought her up and became her rock. She was always there, a solid, beautiful human being and now she’s gone.

What she has left behind is that footprint in the sand but this one will never get erased.

When life is given we just get on with it and maybe don’t see the impact our actions have on others. How we behave, how we are with people, what we say and how we say it all influence another, whether we know it or not. This is why it’s so important to be the best we can.i No one surely goes out of their way to make a negative impact?

Whether we have two, thirty, sixty five or ninety years on this earth we should leave it knowing our footprint is there for others to step into. We should have guided, inspired, led and loved, never damaged, hurt, lost or belittled the world we leave behind.

A short blog today to just take a moment to show respect and love for a lady who gave so much and will be loved by her family and those she touched. If nothing else today love the ones you have in your life a little bit more than usual and make the gift you were given worthy of the footprint someone else may follow in.

Namaste & Blessings


One Reply to “When life passes by”

  1. How could you not have loved her for the gifts she gave our friend, self confidence, endless love and patience. A true rock. And one incredibly strong lady. She will be missed. X


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