Seeing the good in all we have

Seeing the good in all we have! Is this actually possible? Is it possible to see good in all the bad things is life? Is it possible to think only positively about everything? Some just muttered “don’t be ridiculous what’s good about…… in my life”, some said “for some things maybe” and there are a number of you who said “do you know I’m not sure but let’s give it a go”. 

There’s nothing wrong with any of those choices as it totally depends where your life is right this minute, your mindset and your circumstances. I never judge as that is cruel and very stupid if you don’t know someone’s circumstances but I do like to get people to just stop a minute and ask the question, so let’s explore.

If when you wake your first thought is a groan about going to work (been there know what that feels like), you can make some choices. These could be everything from actually getting up today and deciding today is the day to start a job hunt, to getting on with it as usual or to just think differently about what you are doing.

There must be something about your job or your workplace that you do like. You may not like the actual work but you work with a great crowd of people – so focus on the good in them and the actual work may not feel quite so bad. If you like the work but not the policitics, get your head down and get on with what you love and decide to sidestep the gossip, the back biting and enjoy what you are doing. If there really is nothing and it just pays the bills that is a choice you have made, and part of that choice is to stay, so see the positives in what it brings you or you family.

When I was suffering with depression, work was my focal point, and the only steady thing in my day so I took advantage and enjoyed the time there even though I wasn’t enamoured with the job or the workplace. When I was through all that I realised it was no longer enough to give me the satisfaction and happiness I craved so I had choices to make. I made them and moved on.

It could be financial, home, your social life, your work that give you that sick feeling in your stomach where you can see no daylight, no positives, no future but try to see something in those that keeps you going. Alternatively find something additional that you can go to, to find that sunshine, that breath of fresh air, that freedom and positivity. It may be you find someone who makes your day brighter and you can talk to. It may be a new hobby that once a week you can look forward to. It may be taking time for you. Whatever it is focus on that and see all the good and positivity it brings and less on what  makes you sad.

Seeing the good in everything isn’t some hippy way of life where you tell everyone even the bad stuff is good because it really isn’t. I know, I get it. Seeing the good is finding even one thing you can focus on and gain some sort of happiness or positivity from to keep you going through all the things that get you down. In time this one thing may become two or three or more and the negative becomes lessened, which would be the ideal but give it time.

Today a mission….for you to find at least two things good in something that you would normally frown over.


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