Life from a different angle

We can get so involved in our lives that we forget to appreciate what we have achieved and we cannot see life as a whole. 

If you imagine travelling through your day as an insect, small, looking up but only seeing small sections of anything, never seeing much more than the soil, the base, the foundations. Now whilst the foundations of your life, your career, your happiness have to be solid for anything else to be sustainable, if you can’t see what is built above or appreciate the vastness or value of what you have, you can never be appreciative of what is there.

Now an insect, say an ant, can climb so you can get a different angle at least but to truly appreciate and see the vision, the life, the vastness of all you have, all you have created, all you are living you have to go far higher than an ant can climb and see.

Become the eagle…. Take flight and soar above. You now have the capacity to travel, to swoop in and focus on specifics or move quickly and review briefly different things or parts of your life. The eagle can take flight or can gently land and rest awhile in one particular place. As an eagle your eyesight is sharp, your hearing more perceptive and your wingspan so large you can soar for many a mile without flapping.

Soar and appreciate. You have created a world, a life so amazing, yet sometimes you don’t stand back and appreciate it as a whole. You may be a mum or a dad, elsewhere in your day, your life you may be wife, husband, partner, you may have a career, you may be a carer, you may be an expert of something in your own right. In all of that you are also you and from the ant world you maybe cannot see that but from above you will see clearly how you the person fits into this magical life you have created.

When life gets messy and you can’t see your way, you lose direction, feel like everything is too big, too loud, too messy, you have made yourself the ant. Stop. Breathe. Close your eyes and inside become the eagle. Adjust your thinking, don’t be afraid of the height, stretch your wings and use those thermals around you of belief, positivity, hope, creativity, hard work and determination and take flight. Rise above the noise and feel the peace. What feels like mess, from above, will look like order. From above you will see the whole picture and will see clearly the path running through.

Your life may not always be perfect but it is all yours and you can write the next page anytime you like but take a moment to take a look at the amazing world you have already created and tell yourself well done.


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