Change is blowing in

This morning I feel a sense of movement, a shift, a change in the air. I can only tell you what my gut feels as there is no foundation to this but change is upon us and it’s time to think, act and be different.

This feeling tells me there is a sense of urgency, an excitement to what is to come and no matter who you are or what you do change is around the corner for you. Change doesn’t have to be huge, in fact small step changes every day will produce a much larger impact long term. You are in control of this change, in fact it’s your responsibility to make the changes in and for your life.

Many people struggle with change as it’s uncomfortable, different and usually an unknown in its outcome but as long as you are the one controlling the what, the how fast and the why, then you should never fear it. Be excited by change!

If I look back exactly twelve months and think what I was doing and who I was to where I am this very morning, the step is astonishing but there was only one step, one decision which was huge, the rest have all been small incremental steps forward. I’ve surprised myself in what I’ve managed to achieve and it was from a very simple statement of “things need to change for me to be happy”.

My gut tells me change is coming and yours will tell you what needs to change in your own life. Listen to your gut. It won’t ever let you down and it’s job to is to ensure you are the best you can be. What small change can you make today that will be an initial step?  What one thing can you do differently? Remember that doing something the same way and expecting change is utter madness. If you want something to be different you have to act, think, be different.

Change is healthy, change means progress, change means momentum forward and when you are at the helm, in charge, in control, the decision maker, what can go wrong. Change is good, exciting, progressive and essential. Enjoy the ride as change is here – will you be thrown around by the storm or be the storm?


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