Laughter required on planet earth

I have a habit of taking life too seriously sometimes. I forget to have fun with things and then they become a chore. What do you take seriously? When was the last time you properly laughed?

For some that will be an easy answer to hear and for others quite painful as they realise it may have been weeks or months since they last laughed.

We have so many different types of laughter; giggle, belly laugh, nervous, covering up pain, forced, a snigger – the list goes on. I’m talking one of those laughs that comes from deep inside and physically hurts by the time you’ve calmed enough to stop. I love those moments. Being honest it takes quite something to get me there but when it happens it’s one of the best feelings.

How often do you laugh at yourself, your actions, your words, your life? Bit more difficult for most people that one. I know it’s a fact that I take everything I do too seriously sometimes and want to shout “lighten up woman” to myself. I’m so passionate about what I do, where I have been, my journey and where it’s all going that I simply forget to have fun with it. This past week or so I think has been one of those times and I think for every business  owner it can be the same.

So, I’m set goals myself a mission for this month and that is to have fun with everything I do and see what difference it makes come 30 September, in how I feel, what I’ve achieved, whether earnings have gone up and who I am. It’s something silly, it’s a challenge, it will remind me on harder days to lighten up and maybe, just maybe having laughter will be infectious and I will pass it on to others. August was amazing, hard work and successful and now I want September to have all that but with more giggles.

So think about it, how seriously do you take yourself? How seriously do you take what you do? How serious do you take life and are you having fun on planet earth? If you aren’t, perhaps it’s time you did. Life is too short for being successful without enjoying it and sharing that enjoyment along the way. Let’s make September the month to be the beginning of a new way of living….giggling is compulsory… is a definite must have and a smile a day is absolutely essential.


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