Do you know your beautiful

We are rubbish at taking compliments aren’t we! If someone tells us “you look nice” or ” wow your skin looks amazing today” or even “nice shoes”, we struggle to just say thank you. It’s usually followed by “oh it’s just something I borrowed or it’s not as nice as last week or I’m not sure about them”. 

Heaven forbid someone should tell you today that you are beautiful! I look in the mirror in the morning and sometimes wonder where the young, clear skinned, wrinkle free girl has gone, I think that is natural.  But do you know I love looking at the woman I’ve become. The lines, the marks, the ageing, they all come from the life I’ve had and everything I’ve done has made me the woman I now am and that my friends is huge.

We may not wish to get older, we may prefer the face we used to have, we may get up looking a bit baggy round the edges and tired but that doesn’t make you any less beautiful. This is as a man or woman. Why people think a man shouldn’t look beautiful too I don’t know and if you prefer the word handsome please feel free to transpose that in.

Whatever you do, whoever you are shines through in your face. If you are angry, negative or sad it’s clear. Your eyes tell 1001 stories, your skin no longer glows, you become pale and you seem to create more lines and wrinkles than you started with. If, on the other hand, you smile, you are at peace with yourself and your world and you are a positive thinker you will see a clear difference. You will seem to glow, your eyes will gain back their sparkle, you will gain a youthful flush to your skin and you will shine. You radiate what you think, how you think and feel, whether you intend to or not. If you can’t see it it others will, those who know you well.

Telling yourself you are beautiful, even if you feel a long way from feeling it, also helps. See the person behind, the one under the skin, the person you really are. You ARE beautiful. You are beautiful to look at, you are beautiful inside and you give beauty to others in your smile, your gestures and your actions. If you are feeling really brave today and you see someone who should be told they look beautiful, why not go tell them. So unbritish but believe me you will make their day. I love doing that and then walking away as I know I have left behind a slightly bewildered but very happy person.

Go, start your day… beautiful đź’•


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