Just before dawn

This is a time and place I know well. I love this time where the night hasn’t left, yet the day hasn’t quite arrived either. It’s that peaceful silence where all has potential.

Just before dawn is a place where I sit, in solitude, silence, reflecting the night just past and the day yet to begin. It’s my time for checking on me, seeing how I feel, what worries I need to give up to the universe and what possibilities there are to live today.

Just before dawn is my time, my place, my moment in the world that belongs to no one but me. There is no end, no beginning, no urgency, no noise. There is no having to, there’s no being needed. There are no deadlines, there are no targets, there are no emails or phone calls or messages that need to be answered. There is peace of mind, there is a gentleness about this time, this time that is mine.

This is my moment, my moment to breathe, to witness beginnings, to say farewell to time past. This is my music, my dance, my painting, my writing. This is my creative. This is the inner me expressing all that she is and all that she has potential to be. No one can steal the dawn.

As with anything it all moves forward and as I see the light beginning to creep more boldly,more forcefully into the sky and I know my time is done. The noises of the day begin. The birds are awakening, the animals in their fields stirring, the occasional car passes on its way to or from work. The house begins to stir and make its new day sounds and I know it’s time to begin.

No matter what the day brings, just before dawn can never be taken from me. This time, this calm, this gentleness, this silence is breathing inside of me throughout my day and I am at peace. 

I can see the mist lifting and the silhouettes of the trees are appearing as if by magic so I know it’s time to press on, so I ask you to consider where your moment of “just before dawn” is? Where do you go and what time do you take to find it, experience it, breathe it? This is my time and it gives me the strength and power to go into my day and hold this space, this time, this moment for others. They come to me to find “just before dawn” where only they exist.


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