Who sits at your table?

If you think of your life laid out in front of you on a table how interesting it would be. To have laid out all you have done, all you have been and all you have created would be a sight wouldn’t it? All those things you have forgotten you’ve achieved or didn’t acknowledge them as achievements. All the people you have loved and lost. All the places your have seen or experienced and all the changes in you personally, laid out in front of you to relive again.

The question is who sits round your table to share them?

Say you only have a table with five or ten seats and it’s down to you to say who sits in them. Which friends would you have round that table to share your life. I’m not talking family here, they are a given, this is where you get to choose your friends. 

Most of my adult life I have spent trying to be invisible, avoiding friendships as I didn’t feel worthy and I didn’t trust enough as I’d been bullied for so long but nowadays I have many but these chairs are few so I need to choose wisely. Who is most honest? Who is most loyal? Who makes me laugh even on dark days? Who is always there when I need them? Who is my friend no matter what we say or share? Who is there unconditionally? 

These questions may actually cut out quite a few people when you ask yourself them and if you are being absolutely honest with yourself. Sometimes we surround ourselves with people who are like minded, fun to be with, share similar interests etc but when it comes down to it, if you had reached your lowest or highest point would they still be there? Some will and some won’t. Not all want the responsibility of true friendship so choose wisely and surround your table with those are there for the long haul.

You may have someone you share your secrets with. You may have someone who inspires you to be a better you. You may have someone you can safely lose yourself in a bottle of wine with. You may have one who shares your love of sports. You may have one openly tells you the truth even when you don’t feel like hearing it. You may have one you gives the best hugs and you may have one who is always there, who just pops ups when you seem to need them.

Think carefully, places are limited. Who deserves to be at your table? Who deserves the friendship you give? Who deserves to receive the love, understanding, fun and friendship you are offering? Who deserves to be your friend?


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