The end is the beginning

What’s the last thing you do every night before you sleep? Do you have a routine? I’m taking washing and cleaning your teeth for granted but what else? Do you simply get into bed and crash out or is there something more to the end of your day.

Mine ends in gratitude. Gratitude for all that has been that day. Not just the good stuff, but the less palitable too as its a combination of both that gives me balance and growth. It ends with the moon and wishing those I miss a blessing of love and sending my heart to theirs. Then and only then do I fall in an exhausted heap and sleep

So if the end has a routine, as you can possibly imagine, so does the beginning of a day. My thoughts (and this has taken time to become a routine) are of thanks again, thanks for waking and all that the day brings. I make sure that is done before I rise and go through my Miracle Morning routine of mediation, reading, affirmations etc.

Both are the same every day, both are habitual and if I ever do miss them (I’m only human and can have one glass of wine too many and simply fall aslep) I notice there is something not quite balanced in my day and, heaven forbid, if I missed a couple of days I would be totally out of sorts.

So how do we define the end and the beginning or vice versa? I think as a human race we very much define it by the setting of the sun and it rising again, the end of one day and then it begins anew. Really I don’t think there is a cut off, a finality, an absolute stop to one day before one begins again, I think we seemlessly move forward, continuously rather like a never ending coil.

If there is no real beginning or end to the day is there really a true beginning and end to life? On a physical level very definitely and I don’t know anyone that would dispute that but I’m asking if there is more to you, me, us, than that. Sometimes you hear say of a new baby “they’ve been here before” or ” she’s an old soul that one”. Do they really know what they are saying? Do they genuinely believe the spirit of that baby has been before and is now learning something new and continuing their journey?  

I know my opinion and that debate will come, but for today I just want you to consider life as more than a beginning and an end. If someone you love passes, is it really final? Maybe in the physical but their spirit? Maybe that’s moved on to its new beginning, to live again, to learn something new? Memories they leave behind are definitely here to stay as long as we have love in our hearts and a memory to store them.

If you have a loss, try considering it to be a continuous movement of a spirit, a soul (doesn’t really matter what you call it’s) and although the physical has worn away some other part of them goes on, especially in your heart, and no one can take that away except you.


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