Put your mind at peace

How much noise do you have in your head right now? How many thoughts are running round in there? Work, kids, family, the weekend, shopping, holidays, someone’s illness, your illness, heartbreak, celebration, a presentation you have to do, a place you have to go, someone you need to talk to….. There could be hundreds of things but do you know we can’t actually think of more than one thing at a time.

If you really want to focus and achieve you have to get rid of the noise. You have to be brave enough to choose one of those threads of a thought, a worry, an item on your to do list and let the rest sit on one side. You have to give it all your attention, allowing nothing else to distract you until your thought is done.

That’s not to say you only actually see that one thing through to the end before you start another, I’m talking of the thoughts in your head. Your head needs space to think and whilst you have 101 things all vying for attention none of them will win. 

Try it. Just pick one thing you need to think about. Funnily enough you may struggle with this as sometimes we have so many things we think are important and needing our attention that, when we a really give it space and time, it doesn’t really need it at all. So pick one….. What is it that a needs doing? Who needs to be involved? Can you delegate or get someone else to help? When does it need doing and why? Where do you need to be, to go? How long do you need to give it? When you have answered all the questions you have surrounding the one thing you’ve chosen you can then decide its priority in your day. Can you write it down and add it to a job list or is it something you need to do immediately? If so do it, stop procrastinating, stop putting it off and do it.

And move to the next….

This is not a long process and you shouldn’t be spending copious amounts of time on this. It’s a sifting process to clear your head and give it space to actually help you achieve rather than think so keep the flow and keep moving.

I don’t have time! Really? You have time to fret about 101 things but you don’t have time to logically do one at a time? I think I know which will be more productive and give you back time that’s been missing for a long while and I think you know too but it’s doing things differently and that takes some getting used to.

Consciously slow your head down. Maybe sit with a cup of tea in the morning and take five minutes whilst you drink it and get your thoughts in order. Maybe whilst you travel to work or maybe whilst you are on the treadmill at the gym or in the shower. I am sure you all have a space, a time and the capacity to do this but we humans are funny creatures and tell ourselves we can’t, we don’t and actually believe ourselves….

Give your head space, give your thoughts the attention they deserve, prioritise and let go of what you don’t need. Feel they difference.

Namaste 💕


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