Mantra time

I am strong, I am powerful, I am beautiful, I am successful. After yesterday’s black dog day I feel like a huge step forward has been made and life has resumed. I knew I couldn’t stay in that place and it was going to be different by the end of the day, I just wasn’t sure of the how. Cancelling things I could, serious meditation, using a guided one on the internet which I don’t normally do and a coaching session allowed me to put myself back in the place I now live, far far away from the dark, sad world of the past.

My mantra today is simply an affirmation to remind myself that my world is what I create. I am as successful as I decide to be. I live the life I choose. All of this can be achieved very easily because I am strong, I am powerful, I am beautiful and I am successful.

What’s your mantra if you use one. If you stood in front of the mirror and chose words to tell yourself who and what you are, what words would you use? You may feel silly the first few times you do this but in time it will be natural and you will believe and start to transform your confidence and therefore your life.

Choose positive, strong, powerful, moving words. Words you can attach an image and an emotion to so that every time you use the words you are emotionally connected to them. You must use the words ‘I am’ as an affirmation. This moment is all about you. Do it whilst you wash your face, have a shower, have a shave, get dressed for your day or eat your breakfast or even in the car as you drive. It really doesn’t matter as long as you feel what you say and say it with conviction. Every single day this has to happen and in time (and yes it may take a couple of weeks) you will feel a difference. The embarrassment will be gone, you will look yourself in the eye and believe the words.

You can use this mantra when days are tougher than others, when someone puts you down or just to boost you up on a slow day. You can change it to be appropriate  as you change. Let the words come from your heart, don’t be shy about who you are but if you aren’t sure of the words think about what you aspire to be. More confident? Then ‘I am confident’. More assertive? Then ‘I am assertive’. More loving. Then ‘I am loving and loved’. You get this…..

Choose your mantra and I dare you to try it for two weeks and be prepared to meet the new you when you look in the mirror…..


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