The day of the dog

The black dog appears like a shadow from the darkness wrapping itself around. Uninvited. Unwanted. Who does he think he is, this creature I do not wish to see? 

An incident, no matter how small or even unrelated to yourself can give this vile beast a way in. He knows when you are vulnerable and he hovers in the background waiting, ready to pounce and take you by surprise. 

Shake him off!!! Don’t let him take hold!!! Run!!!!

He nips at your heels, it’s tempting to slow down and give in. But you mustn’t. You must never give this animal space in your life or he will never get the message that he’s no longer wanted. 

The dog is sniffing, searching for an opening, waiting, pacing. He will not get in. That door is firmly shut.  

If you too are feeling him walking behind you today please don’t turn round and encourage him. Be strong, you are better than him. You can beat him. You can close the door and keep him away. 

Courage my friend. 


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