Do you know what energy is?

Do you ever have moments where you are feeling really good and you chat to someone who’s having a bad day or are just generally negative and gradually you feel what they feel too? Do you ever feel exhausted after being with a large group of people all day? Have you ever known how someone else really feels even though they telling you the opposite? This is all energy. We are energy and we all give off and therefore attract the energy of the world around us. Sometimes that is okay and sometimes really not. 

I had a client recently who I could tell had been round other people who we’re having a really tough time. Not just one person but a group of people over a short period of time. Their energy that we were clearing with reiki was sticky. It was black, smoke like, but sticky. During reiki there is an energy flow from me to the client and back again, I am simply a portal for energy. This was so strong is actually made me cough as it went through me, an old smokers cough and then was gone.

If you are a particularly sensitive person you will know how someone is feeling even without them telling you because you are picking up their bodies energy. You will, if you don’t protect yourself, will pick up on that energy too and again if you don’t realise you have it, this can totally turn your day around. That moment when you think “gosh I was feeling so good earlier, what is the matter with me” is one of those moments. 

Say you are having a good day at work but you have to deal with a group of people who are vexed about something. How do you feel when you’ve been in their presence? Are you now a little agitated, awkward, out of sorts? If yes, then you’ve picked up some of their energy. You don’t have to be agreeing with them or interacting with them much but being a sensitive soul you will collect their energy. So how do you stop this, because stop this you must.

Protection. Now bear with me if this is all new to you. This is serious stuff and can save you from feeling really rotten when it’s not even your emotions. Every morning as I go through my meditation I protect myself, it takes seconds. I imagine a few things…. If it’s just a normal day I imagine a white light in a circle around my feet and I get the light to rise up and keep going as far above me as possible and then any negativity will bounce straight off. If it’s a particular person I am interacting with and I don’t want them to get to me I put that person in a bubble so their energy can’t reach me (if they are really getting to me I also blow them away in their bubble). Finally if I am travelling or the group is going to be really negative (my old workplace was a fabulous example) I actually enclose myself in an egg made of concrete. This is beautiful inside and soft and warm but nothing is coming through those walls.

Now this may seem weird, especially if this is new to you, but try it. You have to really visualise it and feel what you have created, so it can take practice but seriously give it a go and notice the difference. Your energy can make or break a day and remember. What you pick up you can also give to another so be careful. Energy is powerful, amazing and who you are so make sure it is positive and strong and loving. In fact all the emotions you want to give to others. They will receive it even if you don’t realise.


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