It’s all about time

Making time….. Wouldn’t it be fabulous is we could make more time. Maybe to do new things, to make something we are enjoying go on longer, maybe give someone whose life is being cut short an extended period. No matter how clever scientists are, no matter how much we try, we have what we have and no more. How we choose to use time maybe the difference in your day.

If you choose to squander what you have you will always go through life feeling that things are a waste of time. My son is a great example when he tells me his geography classes are a waste of time. I think that of most television programmes and I’m sure you have things in your life you would say it about.

Time can never be changed. Fact. Time can be made to feel longer though if you make the most of every second. Think about it. Think about your day and how you spend it. Do you waste time on things you don’t even need to do but you do them out of habit.? Do you a waste time by not giving your all in something and therefore it becomes a chore and you feel like its for nothing? Do you do things for others who don’t appreciate what you do? Should you stop to see if it actually needs to be done? There are an inordinate number of things in our day that we simply do that take up time that could be better used. What are yours?

Over a year ago I decided to get up at five am every day to read, blog, meditate, exercise. It’s my time to use in a way that serves me for the rest if the day. Seven months ago I chose to work for myself so I could make sure I worked the hours I wanted to and would earn what I was worth. If I want to earn more I simply make a better choice in how I use my time. This morning I am making choices about the time I have and whether I can use it better. This occurs every morning. Today’s choice is to do a Zumba class this morning or paperwork. Paperwork is what should win as it needs to be done but Zumba gives me far more back in terms of socialising, energy levels being raised, fitness improvements and laughter, lots of laughter. It’s about looking after me to set me up for the week ahead.

How you should spend you time and what gives the best value to your day are relatively simple choices but sometimes we find it easier to just go with the flow, or maybe some choice is taken away by someone else owns part of your time. 

Making time isn’t easy because you sometimes have to say no to someone or stand up to someone who has an expectation that they can ‘steal’ your time and sometimes choices are hard to make. Time, your time, is your responsibility and it’s limited. We don’t know how many hours, weeks, months, years so using every single hour for purpose, pleasure and progress is essential. You can’t make time but you can make time work for you so it feels like it.

If you only have an hour in the day with the one you love, make every one of those sixty minutes count. If you only have a week away with your children, give them every single moment possible. If you only have six months left with a loved one, make every day count. If you only give yourself an hour each day that is your time to be, don’t feel guilty throughout it.


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