When works not work

I’m in a quandary today. I became self employed in January 2016 and have built my business to a point I am already really proud of, with August being my best month to date. There is also the prospect of increasing steadily over the next few months with very little additional hard work on my part. And there it is….. “Very little hard work on my part”.

I have worked on working out who my ideal clients are, how many I need to break even and make profit and what other work I need to complement it to bring in extra additional income. So why am I feeling guilty about the hours I work? I believe it’s still that bit of corporate mindset I haven’t shaken off yet. That one that tells me I should work 40 hours a week, extra hours for no extra pay or benefit and that if I’m not physically exhausted I haven’t worked hard enough. But that’s why I left corporate and became self employed isn’t it, so why the guilt?

What is hard work? Hard work is what I used to do. Hard work was working every hour for the same pay with no room for anything else in my life, that included family and loved ones, oh and me! That all came with absolutely no pleasure, fun, social aspect or interest. And I miss that as hard work and want to go back to that? Is that what I should feel now at the end of my week? NO!

I am realising that this shift in my mindset still has its clashes with the old one and I need to deal with it or the guilt phases will compound and the enjoyment will be lost. My week, my month doesn’t feel like hard work because I love what I do. When you do what you love how can is possibly be hard? I work smartly. I know my numbers. I know where I’m going and how I’m getting there. I’m planning, talking, setting up the future but with absolute and total pleasure. It’s my future, my childrens future, a legacy to and for others. I make choices; I choose my hours, I choose my lifestyle, I choose to make some sacrifices short term to create wealth and financial gain in the near future, I choose to have fun in what I do.

So work is only hard, I think, when you don’t love what you do, where you are not in control and when you no longer have choice in your day to day routine. But there is one clear, resoundingly phenomenal choice you have though and that is to change it and it is possible. The inner you, the unconscious negative you will pick away telling you that you don’t deserve it, can’t do it, will find it too hard, will fail….. Tell it to shut the f**k up as you CAN do anything your heart desires with courage, support, thought, drive and a passion to live your life at your pace, within your hours and on your terms.

So what I do is work hard but it’s not hard work and the pleasure I get by giving to my clients and planning for the future for me and my family makes it easy. My work is no longer work, it’s life, it’s living, it’s fabulous.


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