The engine that could…

There are moments in our lives when we really feel we have reached our limit and cannot do any more. Tired, lacking in motivation, can’t see a way forward and emotionally exhausted from trying. Do you know though, if you dig deep you can achieve anything.

As I grew up there was a book called “The Little Engine That Could” and it was all about determination and hard work and being optimistic but only now do I realise how important this is to remind people about. It’s vital that I teach my children there are never any limits except those they set for themselves but just as critical to show them how I live my words.

For five years I have worked hard to live, live being the best person I could possibly be. I wasn’t a nice person in some of those moments where I forgot to be the best or did things for me without giving to others. Nowadays I know that for me to gain I only need to give. I know that to achieve I need to be the best I can be. I know that to make my dreams a reality I have to work hard and never, ever give up. That little engine, chugging uphill, puffing, determined and chanting “I can do this, I can do this, it will be, it will be”.

You are capable, you can achieve whatever you set you mind to do. You can and I believe in you. I don’t need to know you nor you me. You just need to keep my words in your head and on days where you doubt, just know I believe in you. Anyone, anywhere, in any way can be successful if they have it in their heart to be. Carry the little engine inside and on dark, treacle sticky days where progress is slow or feels like it’s in reverse, call on him to chug you along until you can do it yourself.

As a human being you are an awesome structure of determination, heart and passion so use it, don’t waste it. It’s a precious gift that should not be left to dry up and wither away. Be the little engine that could.


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