Your last day

If today was all you had and like some insect you were born and died the same day what would you like your legacy to be?

Would you like to have made as much money as possible, travel the world, meet someone in particular, laugh all day, love as much as possible, climb a mountain, swim the oceans? So many, many choices…..

I could think of 101 things to do but whatever I was doing I would like my legacy to be inspiration. To have inspired even just one person during my day on earth to be a better person would allow me to leave happy and at peace. I’d like someone to look and say “because of her I had the courage to carry on” or “she gave me belief that I could be a better person” or even “she believed in me so I will achieve”. Nothing earth shattering but if that one person then chooses to use their day to inspire another what a world we could have.

So you have decided on your legacy and you only have a day to achieve it. What if you had more…..think how much easier it would be! 

You have a whole lifetime, length to be determined. A whole lifetime to create something really special, inspiring, practical, worthwhile. You have a whole lifetime to touch a single person and teach them to do the same. If you did that with one person in one day how many more could you reach in your life?

Take your dreams, your ambitions, your passion and use them to give to another a life of dreams, ambition and passion. Be the spark that sets off a chain of small explosions and lights up people’s lives. Together, all making our small impact on others, we light up the world. Be the spark, the beacon of light, the inspiration. It’s easy……just begin.


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