To dream, to dance, to live

The music plays in my head and I am transported to another place, another time. A blanket of warmth, comfort, joy and total peace covers me gently as I’m swept away by the rhythm in my head. I dream of days gone by where there is elegance, beauty, respect between couples and the romance of the ballroom I find myself in. Chandeliers, a string quartet, champagne and the swirling of couples swept away by the 1,2,3 1,2,3 of the melodic waltz being played for their entertainment.

That’s a place I sometimes go when my head is busy and I need some inner peace. Somewhere away from my own thoughts and questions. A place where there is nothing from today’s society to distract me. No phones, emails, tv, Twitter, Facebook, iPads and laptops. I love my technology and need it to run my businesses but sometimes it overwhelms my thoughts and I need to step away.

As an aside, I just read that two people who lie in bed reading messages and playing games on their phones at night have just had it proven that their blindness in one eye is down to this very act. One head on the pillow, protected somewhat, the other eye getting the blue light from the phone and the brain is confused and shuts the eye down. A scarey thought.

The elegance of the Victorian age and beyond is so appealing to me. I am well aware of the lifestyle of the poor and all the trauma, disease and poverty that brought with it but they did do elegance very well. I sometimes dance with a very tall gentleman called Rupert, always immaculate, the perfect gentleman and he carries me emotionally to a place of great beauty and distracts me from the day to day confusion and busyness I sometimes find I have surrounded myself with.

Where do you go when you dream? Who is your ‘Rupert’ who sweeps you away to a place or time where you find quiet, peace, silence or sparkle? Where do you dare to dream what’s possible, where you can make a difference in your world, where you are free? I sincerely hope you have one but if not there are places where you can go to achieve this. There are places where space is held just for you to step into to meet with your ‘Rupert’ and be transported for an hour into tranquility. 

“Impossible! I have no time! I don’t deserve it!” All incorrect and all procrastination. I said those things too until my world imploded and I had no choice but find where this place was  and I have now created the same space for you to step into so call me.



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