The blog that is blocked

I have written three blogs this morning it can’t finish any of them. My blogs come from meditation and I simply write. Rarely is there any thought process, the words just come. Today they are hitting a wall. I have things to say but clearly they are not for today.

I am really good at listening to my inner voice and today it’s telling me to stop thinking and just write. I wasn’t aware I was over thinking things but clearly I am. Sometimes when you have something to say you think it’s a good idea to to blurt them out but there are those moments when the inner you tells you to just shut up and give the words a break, give the world a break.

So, just writing……I have loved seeing things like Facebook posts change over the last year. It may be that my friendship group is quite different but in general it appears to be more about love, kindness, positive thought, inspiration, motivation and manifestation. But. And I hate using that word. I do worry about what’s sat behind all these posts. We all know that people have a Facebook persona; it’s a selling point, it’s marketing themselves as someone they aspire to be, it’s not always who they are so I would love a day or even an hour when everyone allowed themselves to just say what they really wanted to say. I don’t mean abuse or hurt but I do mean saying that today has been rubbish because I couldn’t be bothered; I have eaten a huge load of chocolate and didn’t drink my protein shake with spinach in; I’m not enjoying my job working for myself today as it’s been really lonely….. The list could go on. 

We all paint a picture and it’s lovely to see positivity but I am genuinely concerned about the reality behind it. How many people are really struggling, how many believe what they read in others posts and think their life is not good because it’s not like someone else’s chocolate box lifestyle? How many put themselves down? How many people believe their own posts when actually the reality is far from that and they should be sorting it?

I guess it’s none of my business. I guess I do it too. It’s a feel good factor you get when you tell the world your life is fabulous and it’s also a great visualisation for what you want it to be. I guess it’s taking bits that help and ignoring the bits that don’t. I’m not knocking Facebook or any other form of social media as they are an important part of our lives, I’m just asking people to use the pinch of salt rule and don’t put a block on your life or think you are doing badly or make comparisons. You don’t know their reality.

So if today’s blog was odd so be it, tomorrow maybe normality will resume….


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