You have a voice

How many times have you wished you’d said something but didn’t, wished you could speak up for someone else but couldn’t, wished you’d raised your voice a little louder just to have your opinion heard. That was me. So afraid to speak up and have my opinion heard that I could paralyse myself in fear in meetings, feel physically sick, practice what I wanted to say for so long the moment had passed or get myself so nervous by the time I took courage I couldn’t make the words be understood.

You have a voice and you deserve to be heard. Never tell yourself otherwise. To some your voice, your words will simply be noise, to some they will see you talking but never hear you but, if just one hears you, feels your words, takes comfort or inspiration from them, then you have made your words count.

There are times when it’s not your words and there is really nothing profound to say but the tone of your voice, how your body language is positioned, your touch or your eyes will give someone all they need to make the step forward they need to take.

If you think about all who have influenced you in your life and what it would have been like for you if they had been too scared to use their voice and give you what they did…. If you think about the words you have said to others to calm them, reassure, love, care for or admonish their behaviour… No matter what the situation you will have made a difference.

You have the right to be heard. You have the right to speak up and voice your opinion on any given situation. You have been put on this earth to do and to say something and you may not be in the right place with the right people yet so what needs to change? If you keep speaking and yet nothing in that person changes either the wrong words are being used or you are saying them to the wrong person. Some people you cannot help and they need another to say the words. Some people don’t want to hear you even though they know they should. Be brave and move on until you find the people who understand, respect and listen.

You have a voice, you have a right to use it. Choose your words, your audience but never be afraid to say what’s inside you. The response may surprise you.


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