Beating life

Have you ever lain against a loved ones chest just to listen to their heart beating? That strong thud that tells you life and love is happening here.

If you’re a parent you may have heard the heartbeat of your unborn child. That fast, overwhelming noise that indicates the life you’ve created.

Have you ever experienced life ending? That moment when silence becomes so loud you hear nothing, see nothing and you can no longer breathe.

The heartbeat. Rhythmical. Strong. Regular. Powerful. Loud. Life giving and taking.

I had a puppy once who would only settle when I put a gently ticking clock inside a warm blanket as it needed it’s mothers heartbeat to comfort it. Like that puppy I think we need sometimes the security of hearing or feeling anothers heart, knowing that they are close and amongst other things, that heart beats for us. The warmth of the chest as you lie against it, the comforting rhythm, the knowledge that no matter what sort of day you’ve had that heart still goes on, loving you.

Place your hand on your own chest or take your own pulse and feeling the very life blood moving round you to keep you alive. That is all that keeps you going, that beating, that blood rushing round, that nourishment to your organs, that feeding of your brain, that breathing of your lungs to draw the next breath, all from one muscle. Awesome. 

And yet we abuse it. We abuse it with what we eat, our lifestyle and our emotional use. The heart indicates for every man, woman and child, love. Not it’s functional responsibility but that beating for another, a declaration, a shout it from the roof tops love. Oh how we say ‘I love you’ too often, too easily, falsely. 

If you can do just one thing today….please listen to the heart of your husband, wife, partner, brother, sister, parent or child, anyone who you really love. Lay your head against their chest and just be. When you have listened, really listened, knowing that chest beats in time with yours and is yours, please look them in the eye and tell them you love them. And really mean it. Experience what that feels like. Feel what happens to your own heart as you say it. 

Your heart is life. Your life is for living. Living includes loving. Loving comes from your heart to anothers, gives them purpose, gives them life.


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