Know your limits

Energy. We all have it, we all create it, we all spend it. Do you know when you need to stop and replenish yours?

I used to, like many of you I’m guessing, keep on going till I could do no more and I’d used up every ounce of energy that I had. By the end of the day/week I was on my knees. At that point I would become emotional, cross, grumpy and short tempered and I would look pale, drawn, my skin would be horrible and dry and even my hair would look tired. I would begin to think negative thoughts and take a slow Helter skelter ride to the darkness. I had no idea at that time that what I needed to be doing was replenishing my energy.

Thankfully, due to, for and because of my depression I had to quickly learn to recognise these signs and adjust what I was doing, how much I was doing and gradually be one step ahead of myself in recognising when this was likely to happen to prevent it from even beginning. I know my limits so where possible I prevent myself from ever reaching them.

I normally talk about limiting yourself as a negative thing to be doing and stand by that as you should never limit your dreams, thoughts, desires or plans to be a better version of you. Limiting your expulsion of important life giving, creative, positive energy is critical or at least learning how to replenish your energy stocks, is vital

So how do I do this. It’s starts before I even get out of bed in the morning. My first thoughts are to be thankful, thankful for waking, the day, how I’m feeling and what’s to come. It’s like drinking a cup of positivity. Next are my meditations, affirmations and yoga. Then my journal writing to get anything out of my head, positive or negative, so it doesn’t fester there all day when I need my thoughts elsewhere. Then the required cup of tea and I’m ready to face the day, energy levels are high and I’m ready for anything. If I miss a day because of early morning commitments I certainly know about it by mid afternoon and by bedtime I know what a mistake it was so now I find an hour in the day to replenish me.

This is my way but you know your body, your needs, what’s best for you. Mine is taking time out of the world and reenergising through the universe around me. Yours may be walking the dog, an exercise class, reading, singing or any other occupation that gives you back you space, your energy, your humanness, you. 

Take time to recognise how your body works, what makes you alive and what drains you and then simply put a strategy in place to keep that life giving energy high.


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