Emotional release

I say as I see. I’m honest with my expression of emotion and whether I love something or hate it, I will be open with my response. That was not always the case. Over the years I found it easier not to express my opinion as it was usually deemed wrong or not actually required or valued. I would repress my urge to say how I felt because I became scared that the recipient would not like what I had to say. When I finally couldn’t keep it in any longer my whole world changed…..for the better.

Letting go of the emotions you keep inside can be the most liberating experience you will ever have. I’m not just talking about pent up anger or frustration here, not necessarily the negative emotions we keep inside but any emotion that you feel the need to express. Maybe you need to tell someone you are thinking of them, love them, want to hold them. Maybe  you are frustrated by someone’s actions. Maybe you are sad when someone belittles you. Maybe you are experiencing emotions, feeling, thoughts that you need to slowly unfold because there are just too many as you’ve kept them back for so long. Be gentle with yourself and don’t try to do it all at once.

Emotional release doesn’t mean you have to find words. Maybe you’ve been holding tears back just that bit too long now….let them go. It’s okay to cry. Man, woman or child deserves to let go of the sadness inside them. People can be scared to cry because it will start a roller coaster of other emotions that they then have to deal with. You don’t know what you will feel like so don’t assume the worst. Some don’t want to let go because they have actually come to enjoy feeling bad, feeling bad about themselves or someone else and it’s become all they know. Let it go.

Sometimes it’s touch. Sometimes you can say so much just holding someone’s hand. Sometimes it’s a look. You can tell someone you are sad, frustrated, angry with nothing more than your eyes. You can tell someone you love them and always will with no words at all. Sometimes you just have to find the right words and express yourself verbally. Choose them with care, don’t let them go in anger and be as gentle as possible, especially if they are words that are going to impact the other person massively. 

I can say all this because I never did it. I kept words, emotions inside for so long when I finally let them go they were full of anger, hurt, hate, venom. If I had allowed them out when they were lesser versions of what they became, life could have been so much easier. If I’d admitted how I felt and been more honest where would it all have ended up? Don’t get me wrong decisions made were the right ones but maybe the impact would have been less, kinder, compassionate.

Let those emotions go, express yourself but be gentle with yourself and allow yourself the freedom to finally let it all go. 


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