How beautiful you are

Very few people will admit they are beautiful as they will always choose the physical beauty and automatically there is something not to their liking. My nose is too big. My eyes are too small. My mouth is crooked. My head is a funny shape. My body is too big, too small, out of proportion. The list is endless. It’s a stament of fact that no matter what you look like, or think you look like you can be beautiful and therefore feel beautiful. 

If you do a good deed for someone, show love to someone, perform a random act of kindness or simply smile at a stranger they are the outcome of your inner beauty. They are the end of your personal rainbow. These actions are like a whole bunch of sparkles bursting out of a tube at massive force. They touch someone and some of your beautiful rubs off on them. It’s okay you won’t run out because it replenishes itself by the very deed you have just done.

So picture this…… You go out to the supermarket and you help someone get a trolley that is stuck or you lend them a pound to unlock it when they have forgotten to bring one. You just transferred your beautiful. You help someone get something off a shelf they can’t reach. You just transferred your beautiful. You smile at a mummy who is hassled by her three young children. You just transferred your beautiful. You thank the cashier and wish them a nice day. You just transferred your beautiful. You go to put your trolley back and see the first person putting theirs back and handing on that pound to an old lady who didn’t have one, you see the person at the shelf picking up some shopping someone else dropped, you see the mummy hugging her children and telling them she loves them, you hear the cashier laughing with a customer and wishing them a happy day…..

Lovely being beautiful isn’t it!

If everyone did just one beautiful thing for another and they in turn did the same, think how far your beautiful could travel in a day, a week, a year. When you feel good, feel beautiful you will knowingly or not pass that on to someone else and make them feel it too. It’s a huge opportunity to create the worlds largest chain reaction so how about being the spark that ignites it today?


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