A walk in my garden

I have a garden. I have a garden in my head. I have a garden in my head where I go to just be. This garden is my sanctuary when I’m tired, drained, worried, needing answers, just needing space. This garden gives me back what I need. Sometimes peace, sometimes energy, sometimes answers that I’ve been searching for but couldn’t see in my busy head and sometimes I meet loved ones there and stay a while and chat. It’s a place that gives me back…. well, me.

Do you have a place where you go? It might be a physical place or it might like mine, be in your head. It’s a place you can do anything, be anyone, sort through your thoughts with no interruption, ask yourself questions, answer your own questions or that which are being asked of you. It’s a sorting place. It’s a breathing space. 

If you don’t what would yours look like? In what space do you feel most safe, at peace, able to let go of whatever tensions you carry in the day? It may be a garden, a room, a place you hold dear. It may not be a place but a person. It may be someone special you go and meet in your head and put the world to rights. Today I chatted to my friends dad and my grandad. They aren’t physically there obviously but they are in my head and we chat. Sounds madness I am sure but it brings a calm to me and sometimes reassurance and sometimes the gentle shove I need to keep going.

Today a I started my day later than usual as I knew last night I needed rest so I switched off my alarm and had an extra hour and when I went to my garden during my meditation it was very much about restoring me. I chatted, I sat, I took just a few minutes in the warm sunshine, smelling the roses and listening to the stream gurgling past. So now I am ready for whatever the day brings and I can give me without fear of exhausting myself or letting those who need me down. It’s a vital part of who I am and what I do. It’s my time to make me a priority.

When do you make you a priority and how do you do it? If you don’t ask yourself who, apart from you, are you letting down by not being a priority in your own life? If you aren’t present, if you are tired, if you are worrying, stressed, anxious what have you got to give those you love? 


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