The answers yes so what’s the question

The answers yes so what’s the question is a tag line from a local electrician I know and just this last week I heard Richard Branson use the same phrase! Different backgrounds, careers and lifestyles but their thinking is exactly the same. This attitude is spot on. Why do we spend so much of our lives turning things down, jobs, opportunities, relationships, dreams – all because we think we can’t do it or make it work.

I absolutely love the can do approach to anything and although I went through a phase of saying no before I even thought about whether I could actually doing something, my way of working has always been yes I can. My first job in London was accepted on a “can you do that”, “yes I can” approach. That was the longest weekend ever actually learning that software (80’s where you could still tell fibs about your abilities and keep your job)!

Never say no to an opportunity. You have no idea where it might lead you. What if it brings you your dream job, a new relationship, meeting someone who changes your life or simply makes you the happiest you have ever been. What a waste to let it pass because you think you can’t, shouldn’t or don’t deserve to.

What have you got in your life that would be transformed with a risk being taken? How different could you make your life by taking a chance? Who are you missing out on meeting or being with because you think you shouldn’t or can’t? Where will you be if you just say no without trying? Exactly where you are now I feel.

You always have to weigh risk against value gained but sometimes, just sometimes taking a chance and saying yes and learning how to later can be the most exciting, most productive, creative, empowering, life changing decision you make.

What are you willing to say yes to today? 


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