Scary is good

Being scared is on the same emotional spectrum as being excited. Being excited is a positive experience. That said we make being scared out to being negative. Why do we do that? And how often do we tell ourselves we are scared when actually we are a bit nervous or just plain excited?

Yesterday I took myself well away from where I am comfortable. I have never considered myself to be a natural speaker, especially with large groups of people but that was the old me who lacked confidence in her own abilities. Now I know I can if I actually make the effort and in fact have been told I speak naturally and easily in public. This still surprises me a little when that “you can’t do this” gremlin whispers in my ear but then I shake myself and admit that yes I can and I can do it well.

It’s so good to try something you are uncomfortable with because when you have done it, even if it wasn’t as fabulous as you would have liked, you have done it. You have achieved. Never again can you tell yourself “I can’t do this”. Being uncomfortable for that short time can lead to so much self confidence, an increase in self esteem, gives other’s a different you to look at and who knows what else. That choice would be yours!

I was interviewed on our new local ‘Ribble FM’ radio station with my networking hat on, discussing the pros and cons for businesses. I was unsure as the gremlin whispered in my head,  but as I was told I was doing it rather than being asked to, I thought I’d better get on with it! I loved it. Absolutely loved it. After the first few seconds I forgot there was anyone but the two of us. Only afterwards when someone passed comment did I remember there were people actually listening. 

So with that in mind…..the woman who always said she was shy, no good at speaking and had nothing of interest to say….you better move over as this woman is on a roll and there is no stopping me now!

You can do this, achieve this, feel like this. You can do this by pushing your own boundaries little by little. You can do this by allowing yourself to be uncomfortable for a few minutes at a time in an environment where you feel safe. You can do this because you are strong. You can do this because you deserve to be the best you can be. You can do this because life should be taken by the scruff of the neck sometimes and given a shake up. You can do this because you deserve to enjoy life and live rather than survive. You can do this…..


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