Living with second best

Do you accept mediocre? Do you expect great service wherever you go? Do you set high expectations from others when they provide a service or item or task? So why do you allow mediocre for yourself?

Of that’s harsh I hear you say. I do my very best I can hear you muttering. Well that’s all fabulous if you want to lie to yourself but really….do you accept mediocre from yourself? Many of us do and it’s normal but that doesn’t make it acceptable. If you aren’t sure, how many times do you catch yourself saying “oh that will do”, “oh it’s okay I will manage” or “no it’s fine as it is”. That is accepting mediocre. 

You are an amazing, loving, intelligent human being but sometimes, just sometimes, you need to stand up to yourself and say “that is not good enough and I won’t accept it”! Don’t accept not having enough money, working in a job you dislike, living somewhere that makes you unhappy, being with someone you no longer love or being let down by people who are supposed to be your friends. That is accepting second best. Making you second best. You are worth more than that.

Allow yourself to give you the very best in life. No it’s not easy but if you strive for perfection and you work hard what reason is there for not attaining it? I spent many years setting standards high and always being disappointed. Why? Because I didn’t take responsibility for them. I put the expectation on myself but actually wanted others to help me achieve them. Why on earth would they? These were my goals, my dreams, my desires and others were busy living their own dreams with no reason to create mine. Nowadays I set my goals, targets, plans, whatever you choose to call them and I am 100% responsible for the outcome. It’s empowering, exciting, challenging and achievable with the right determination and heart.

If you could achieve one thing today what would it be? What would success look like? How would achieving it feel to you? What energy would it give? Would you be willing to accept you’d not achieved, half accomplished, nearly did it? What would that feel like? Feel different don’t they? 

Dream big. Set yourself a high bar. Accept only the best as its what you deserve.


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