Be ridiculous, be the child

As an adult I think we tend to take the world a little too seriously sometimes. We forget to be children. We forget to look at life through the naivity of a child. We forget to have fun.

Yesterday I received a message from a friend, it was only an emoji, no words and it made me laugh out loud. The fact that it made me giggle made me giggle even more. Something so ridiculous brightened my whole day. We all need moments like this one. 

Just check with yourself about the last time you properly laughed. The last time something caught you off guard and made you giggle. The last time you cried with laughter. The last time you smiled a genuine smile. For some people that is an awfully long time. Too long. I can happily say that I have friends and loved ones who make me smile, giggle and laugh every single day but it hasn’t always been that way so I count my blessings for them.

Being the child sometimes doesn’t mean you are lacking in responsibility, it doesn’t mean you are stupid, it doesn’t mean you won’t be taken seriously. It simply is a way of releasing the stress, worries and seriousness that the life of an adult brings with it. It’s a release pure and simple. If you find you can’t see the answer to something, ask yourself to look again with the eyes of. Child. Keep it simple, look from a different angle, stop trying to make things mean something they don’t.

Life can be very stressful, there is pressure to achieve so very much. Deadlines. Targets. Be on time all the time. Dress appropriately. Mind what you say and to whom. Keeping the ‘executive’ head on at all times. Money. Work. Family….. The list is endless with very little room for freedom, fun, banter, laughter, giggles or silliness so you have to make sure you add that in. Ride the trolley in the supermarket, wear something just for fun (she says whilst sat in unicorn pjs), send someone a picture to make them smile. Sometimes a random act of madness makes everyone feel better.

Lighten up people! There is enough seriousness in the world right now so today be on a mission to have fun, giggle, be the child, be your inner child.


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