What are you worth?

How many things, people, jobs, tasks, journeys do you put ahead of you, your needs, dreams, thoughts, desires or space? How much love do you show yourself? Who looks after you?

What I do is heal. I take the beautiful gift I have been given and I heal the wounded soul, the burnt out, the stressed and those injured in mind or body. I was born to use touch to reenergise another human being, taking them from a perpetual state of flux to a lower vibration where calm meets an emotional feeling of comfort, warmth and serenity.

We all deserve to feel still, safe, loved. Man or woman. Young or old. Every human being has the right to find an hour or two of peace, pleasure, something to look forward to. In a world of rush, stressful decisions, juggling hats of all shapes and sizes, swapping masks and costumes to suit any occasion we deserve the gift of stillness.

So why do we put ourselves to the bottom of the pile? Why do we sometimes ignore totally our need to stop and breathe? Usually image. What would people say or think if they saw us taking time for ourselves before another in our family or before we finish that last job or be selfish enough to give ourselves a gift? What others say or think is none of your business.

What I do is heal. I take these hands and gently hold the space until you are ready to step into it. I wait. I invite you to step forward, step in and then stop. Many are worried about massage before they experience it, the fragility of self, giving control to another person. Trust is huge. Massage is about creating relationships, knowing each other, understanding, allowing control to be one sided and being open to the energy, the gift I give freely, openly, generously. Touch is still the most powerful experience and when done with intent to heal can only be a positive one.

So I ask again, when will you show yourself love? When will you allow yourself to be looked after? When will you diarise an hour each month for you to come alive again?

I am here to hold the space for you so you can come to me, just an hour of your time, to place yourself safely in my hands, to stop, to just be.

I invite you to breathe…..


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