How fast we travel through life

Ever feel like things are moving so fast you can’t keep up. Driving the motorway back from Scotland nudged me into wondering why we insist on everything being so fast in life these days. Why do we feel the need to rush everywhere and everything we do? Why do we place so much importance on speed?

I need my internet connection to be fast, I need the ability to think quickly on my feet and I need to use my time wisely to get the most done in it BUT I do not need to rush my conversations, I do not need to rush into decisions and I do not need my relationships to move so quickly that I don’t really get to know someone properly.

I watched cars, trucks, motorbikes all rushing to reach their destination, sometimes putting their lives and those of the other road users at risk. Weaving in and out of traffic, not indicating so others had no idea of their intent and driving so close to each other they were nearly able to touch. 

How we do this too! We rush, bobbing in and out of people’s lives without thinking about our impact or what or who we stand on; we don’t give an indication of what we want or need yet expect others to understand and we can get so close that it’s suffocating because we don’t allow others their space.

What’s the need for this speed? Why can’t we slow down and enjoy the journey, the view, the experiences along the way? How do expect to gain anything from life if we go so quickly though the day that we miss out on what we did? Who are we missing out on by just putting our foot down and seeing only the destination?

Speed is sometimes essential but just remember to sometimes take the back road and look at the surroundings, talk to the people along the way and experience life.


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