Letting go

When you take your child back to uni (mine goes early after just three weeks as she’s studying nursing) it is one of the hardest and the best things in the world. Hard because they are going to be so far away (6.5 hours) and best because they are so happy studying what they love and what they were born to do. My daughter may not yet be qualified but she is and always has been a nurse. Caring, loving, a fixer, tactful, empathetic, understanding and a fabulous listener. Qualities I admire and love her for.

How many times do we let go with only sadness and yet if we step back just a little we could probably let someone go with happiness, pride, understanding and most of all, love. Even those leaving us when they no longer love us. Wouldn’t life feel easier if you see the good with someone going, thank them for what they gave rather than what they took away.

Many, many years ago I was in a very abusive relationship and the bruises remained inside long after the beatings stopped and for a long time I remembered only with hate that time in my life. Thankfully as I look back I can now look back and be thankful for all I learnt and who it made me. I am stronger because of of it. I know my self worth because of it. I love more because of it. I treat others with love even when it’s hard because of it.

Letting go isn’t just about letting a person go, it’s about letting go of emotional baggage, letting go of hurt, letting go of uncertainty and fear and letting go of the many layers of ourselves that we use and showing the real you. When you know who this is you can take life in your stride and enjoy it, love it, even when it has a temporary hurt.

So today I will do the 6.5 hour drive to Inverness, kiss my daughter goodbye and be thankful. Be thankful that I have such a beautiful, kind, loving, wise daughter who makes my heart burst with pride every time I think of her. I won’t be sad as she is happy, studying her passion in life, is loved and cared for by her friends and family and has her whole future to begin. How exciting a place to be. How could I be sad to see her go again.


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