Keep it simple

Why oh why do we insist in over complicating our lives? At what point do we decide to make everything as difficult as humanly possible?

We (as a human race) tell a whole web of lies to get us out of a situation where we should have just said “no thank you that’s not for me”. We can’t seem to stick to one person in our lives, we think it’s a good idea to juggle the emotional train wreck that is multiple relationships at one time. We try and fit so much into our lives that we become overwhelmed by it and focus on little of it and certainly enjoy none of it.

What possessed us to over complicate it all? Do we think we are more superior if we live this way? Do we think we look busier so deserve more respect?

I really can’t answer the why we do it as everyone will have their own reasons but when you face up to it and admit it’s achieving none of the original intentions and let it all go I can honestly say it’s empowering, it’s exciting and it opens up a world you only ever dreamt of. In fact it opens up the world you thought you would find when you began to over complicate it all.

Keep it simple. Take away the noise. Decide what you want and then make choices accordingly. It’s okay to put the brakes on and take time to discover who you are and what you want from life. Don’t sit there muttering “but I don’t have time, it’s easy for them to say etc etc etc” and yes I know you are…. you are in control of your life and your life means your choices. At what point did someone come up to you and tell you that from that moment on you couldn’t have your own dreams, thoughts, wishes and you had to do everything only after they told you that you could? I don’t believe anyone did but I do believe we as people allow others to do that.

Simplicity is beautiful, it’s easy, it’s a joy and you still get everything you dreamt of just with less stress and more pleasure. Think about what one thing you can do to make just today more simple and more pleasurable? It’s starts with one change.


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