My hands are my gift

My hands. They are nothing special to look at. The usual fingers and thumbs, short quite stubby fingers, short well maintained nails and starting to look a little old. They are nothing special to look at but they are magic. 

I discovered that when my hands touch another, something rather amazing happens. We connect. There is an energy that travels from me to them and them to me. By holding a hand, touching a cheek with my palm, rubbing their skin in a massage or gently touching their arm with my fingertips whilst talking, something happens.

We connect. My hands say “it’s okay, you are cared for, safe, loved, thought of, protected, reenergised and you don’t need to worry any more we are here”. We connect through touch not words. My hands reassure another that the world is okay, I’m taking control and they, for that moment in time, do not have to do anything but be themselves.

My hands are very special because they can do this at any time and anywhere. I could be in the supermarket and see an older lady looking lonely and whilst I stop to chat they make contact with her arm and do their magic. I could see a small child fall and whilst picking them up my hands may rub the knee they just banged and do their magic. I may see a friend who has lost a parent and whilst I hug them my hands may rub their back or give them a squeeze and they do their magic. 

My hands are magic? No. My hands are just an extension of me and when I offer support, love and kindness the energy I have in my heart just travels through my hands to them. I am nothing special as everyone has this gift, just not everyone knows or wants to use it.

My hands are a gift when I massage. My hands heal and that is a gift. Healing is a gift I cherish, never take for granted and practice giving every day. When I massage another human being who may be stressed, needing peace and needing a space in their heads and hearts to just breathe, it is the most humbling experience in the world to be able to give that gift, that space to them. To feel someone physically relax when my hands make contact is amazing. When they come into my treatment room tired, stressed and in pain and leave at peace and pain free I’m extremely grateful for my hands.

So, my hands are magic because I choose to give what I have been given but everyone has this gift to a certain extent and can give the gift of love and peace and security to another human being every day. But only if they chose to give the gift from their heart.


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