Post retreat

Last week I took two days away from the world that I know to just give myself time and space to allow my creativity to flow. I have been running my business for six months now and it’s been absolutely full on but it had got to the point where I was that busy I could no longer see where I was going and wasn’t having fun with it. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t enjoying it but I was making it harder work than I needed to.

I found a wooden ‘hobbit house’ in the fabulous Yorkshire countryside and took myself off with just some food, my paints, my music, my journal and an open mind as to what was coming back with me. When I arrived it was everything I had dreamed it would be, the sun was out and the world was good. I spent the next 48 hours doing whatever felt right at the time, whether that was cat napping (I had no idea how tired I actually had made myself), painting whatever came into my head although that was mainly nature inspired by what I felt and the great outdoors I had around me and singing (thank goodness no neighbours).

I wrote, I planned, I created the buds of new ideas to work on over the next six months. I let any frustrations I had allowed myself to build up to be released and I meditated to bring back some calm and a level where I was at peace again. I said goodbye to those who no longer serve me, or those I have to stop helping as they don’t want to be helped. I realised to love I have to allow love in or the balance is all wrong and I let myself just be. By that I mean I just lived in that moment, neither past or present existed. I read some fabulous books and released negative energy and learnt how to do that within my home when I arrived back too.

So, once home how’s it been? Amazingly different. I know what I need, what I want, who I can and can’t share life with, work with, be with. I’ve cleaned the house of the past that was no longer required and that has allowed me to look only forward. I don’t need things to remind me of good times, they are always in my heart. I feel strong, as a woman, a business woman, a lover, a mum and an entrepreneur. I’m ready to take on the next six months with clarity, with passion and with a strength that just six months ago I had no idea existed in me.

Taking time out, I know two days is a luxury for many people, but taking any time out to reflect, create, play with your own thoughts and getting rest is absolutely vital. We can all plan time out, it’s whether or not we have the courage to see it thorough and face ourselves for that time. It’s not easy, it’s a bit ugly if you are willing to be brutal with yourself but the release, the pleasure, the possibilities that emerge are priceless.


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