Friendship, High Days and Holidays

Friendship, High Days and HolidaysThis life will always give us people who have an impact on our lives and when they are no longer around, for whatever reason, we miss them, especially on birthdays and special occasions. In our hearts we wish them well and may even lift our faces to the universe and wish them a happy day, hoping with all hope they get the message. 

What about people still in our lives, in and around every day but feeling like strangers? Can we have different versions of friendship do you think? Is it possible that people see it as different things? I know the answer is yes from experience. Friendship to me is looking out for my friends, checking on them, sometimes just saying hello when I have nothing else much to say. Friendship is not just about work. Friendship is not just about gain. Friendship is not just good days or when the mood suits. 
So what is it if this is what it’s not? It’s sending a random text just so they know you are thinking of them. It’s listening when they are having a tough time. It’s seeing or hearing that they aren’t themselves and calling round just to give them a hug. It’s supporting and nurturing. It’s having a giggle. It’s about giving you, all of you, the good, bad and all bits inbetween. It’s knowing who someone is and what makes them tick and it’s being there when they need you. It’s laughing together, crying together and sharing life. 
Being away from it all on a retreat makes you think a lot and really review if you are who you think you are, if you are doing what you say you do and if you are being the person you are meant to be. Being away with just yourself to contend with means you have to look inside and it’s not always pleasant but this is not meant as a time to beat yourself up, it’s time spent building back the person you are inside. As a special lady recently said its finding the time to turn up the colour of your dreams.  
To all those friends I have now and have seen pass through my life … I love you, miss you, care for you and need you to know I would walk to the end of the earth if you needed me. That what I do. To my inner me … I will learn to do the same. To my future …. You will be bold, bright, vivid, clear and powerful. 
To have high days, holidays and friendship how blessed we are. I am. 


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