Four letters, enormous possibilities


Such a little word isn’t it and spoken far too often in some situations and never felt in others. It’s a word that we are sometimes desperate to hear and sometimes find it gets in the way when decisions have to be made. 

Just because you love someone, it doesn’t make it possible to be with them, or tell them, or show them. You can quietly love someone and yet they may never know. It may be that you love someone you can’t be with or you love someone you know can never love you back because of capacity or situation.

To be in love is a very different place to loving someone and I fear an experience very few people truly experience. I think we can say that we are in love but I’m not absolutely convinced that feeling of undying, unconditional love is experienced where they would do anything, go anywhere or give up one life to be with another.

We love our children, we love our partners, we love our home, we love our pets. We can love the place where we live, we can love those special shoes. We love the beach or climbing mountains and we love being out at sea. We love being touched, we love being held, we love being kissed and we love being loved. 

We love an awful lot don’t we and yet we struggle to love someone who is homeless, depressed, disabled or just different to us. We struggle loving someone we don’t understand or we don’t share a common language with and we struggle loving people who aren’t like us. We allow sports, religion and politics to decide who, why and how we love and when we disagree we turn to hate, the polar opposite. We don’t just choose to disagree – we fight, maim, kill for what we love…..

LOVE. A small word that can make or break someone’s day or someone’s heart. If you use it, use it wisely and with thought and care and honesty. If you think you aren’t sure, don’t use it. If you see someone in need, show them love, a smile, a touch, a kind word is all it takes. By sharing love for another human being maybe, just maybe, we can set a chain reaction going and it can spread like the fastest travelling disease. What a perfectly beautiful disease to have.


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