Pooh Bear Adventures

This week is a bit different for me as I am taking myself off just to be creative. I am taking with me some music, paints, my journal and my imagination. Nothing more. Two days to find all those ideas, thoughts, new ways of doing and living and getting them from the inside, out. It was to be a tent and nature but due to the weather being so unpredictable and the need for dry space to work in I have hired a hobbit pod (wooden tent for those who don’t know).I have been so busy working that I have not kept up my end the bargain with myself to allow me to exist on a creative front. Being free to do, to choose, to live and to be is why I do what I do after all. This is my time to reenergise, find any new business ideas, life needs, personal development needs and act on them. No distractions. No technology (apart from what is necessary). Me and Mother Nature enjoying each other’s company.
Sometimes you can find life or your head is so busy that you cannot think and you need to press the pause button where everything stops except you and you then have the freedom and the time you choose to get on and do until your feel you are back at the place you need to be and then you can hit that button again. That is what I’m doing.
Have a I set goals? Nearly. I have outlined the big picture goals and broken them down into more manageable sizes and before I go I need to break those down into specifics. But that makes it structured and not creative? Possibly a bit but without knowing what I’m trying to get out could waste precious time. 
Am I taking enough to achieve what I want? Everything I ever need is inside me so that is an easy yes. My thoughts, feelings, emotions, dreams and belief are in my head and in my heart and therefore as long as I have a means to get those from within, for me that is meditation, music and artistry, I have all I need.
I feel a bit like Pooh Bear heading off into the hundred acre wood on his latest adventure, I may stop a whole and play pooh sticks, I may sit on a stone and just think or I may put on my boots and remember his words…. “When you see someone putting on their big boots, you can be pretty sure an adventure is going to happen”.


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