Make a difference

Are you aware of what impact you can have on another human beings life? What words you say to them, the actions you take, the gifts of support you give them, they may just create a spark, a new thought, a confidence they didn’t have. This can be a positive or a negative.

Yesterday I spent the evening working with some teenage girls. They were open to new ways of thinking, acting, living but on that verge of where they could make the right or the wrong choices. I learnt so much from them. I learnt to chill, have fun, discuss subjects openly that in my day would have been taboo and share life with friends. They were amazingly open young ladies full of life, new ideas, open to options, funny, caring, supportive and eager to learn.

I may never now whether what we did or discussed will have impacted them but that’s the joy, I may have just sparked one of them to think differently, give themselves choice, look at a career they want differently and with a wider scope for using their skill set or to always be themselves.

I don’t need to know, what I need to do is ensure that when I talk or interact with, listen to or discuss things with people that it’s positive, encouraging, empathetic and honest. If they get something from that moment that creates a spark then how brilliant is that!

You never know what your words or deeds do to another persons life and it can be huge, so be aware of you, your actions, your words, your deeds. Be kind, caring, smile at people, say hello, hold out the hand of friendship and wish someone well. It doesn’t take any effort and it doesn’t cost anything but the gift you have then given to that person can be life changing and priceless. 

Be the catalyst of change in someone, be the difference in their day.


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