No expiry date on dreams

There are times when our dreams, hopes, wishes, whatever you may call your future ‘things to achieve’ list, seem so very far away or that they are just not happening. Who told you there was an expiry date on dreaming? If there’s no expiry date the only way they get stale and end up in the bin is if you let it happen.

Dreams are meant to be exciting, a stretch, what we strive for, what we get out of bed for, and they are ever lasting.

At no point did anyone ever say you have five years to achieve this or it’s no longer an option. At no point did anyone ever say if you don’t get this done by March 2017 I’m afraid we have to give it to the second person with that dream. This is what you aspire to. This is your timeframe and do you realise it’s you in charge of the time it takes! No one can tell you that you have to have achieved it within a certain time or in a certain way or for a particular purpose. This is your dream, no one else’s and that puts you firmly in control.

How you dream, what you dream, when you achieve it is yours. This also means that if you don’t work towards it, don’t keep focused on it or don’t ever make it reality, it is also yours. You cannot blame others for stealing them. They can make it hard and you have a choice as to whether to give up on your dreams or carry on but they cannot take them away. People call them dream stealers but if you are in control the only one allowing someone to steal is you.

Step away from the negative. Step away from the nay Sayers. Step away from the those who don’t serve you in your dream creating. Step away from everything that, in your head, makes dreams unachieveable, far away, only something someone else gets to make real. Step up and say out loud what your dreams are, tell the world, make them so real your senses go into overdrive when you picture them because one day those senses will know them as ‘normal life’ and the dreams will be new ones.

There is NO expiry date on your dreams.


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