Do what you love or love what you do

I totally get the fact that you can’t always do a job you love. I’ve spent my career doing pretty much that but if you cannot do what you love then you should at least make the effort to love what you do.  The majority of folk are in work for a major part of their day and if you don’t find something about that job to love it makes it the longest day ever, every day of every week of every month. 

What are you doing? You have choices, even when you tell yourself that you can’t get that salary somewhere else, that there are no jobs out there or that family circumstances means you can’t do anything else. 

If these are absolutely genuine and you can tell yourself that you have tried every option (I don’t mean you thought about it and it didn’t seem possible) then try and find something in that job that you love. It may be the hours are flexible or you can work so that you can spend time doing something you love. It may be that you like the people you work with or it may be that although you aren’t enamoured with what you do, you are actually really good at it. Celebrate the good bits and be thankful you have a job.

If you have only told yourself in your head that there are no options then you best pull your head out of the sand and at least try because if you don’t, you’ve no one else to thank for your circumstance than you. If you’ve looked in the paper or online once and not seen your dream job are you seriously thinking this was enough? 

Do you know what you love about your job? There was usually something that made you do it in the first place or has kept you in it for so long so what is it? Make a list, write it down and keep it in a place you can look at it on the bad days. If you really can’t find anything perhaps it’s time to put your big girl/boy pants on, pull them up as high as they will go and do something different. I know it’s not easy, I know sometimes it’s like doing the impossible but if you want it there is a way. 

You may need help, advice, support and training on a practical level but the first thing you need is to  grab hold of those pant tops, find the courage you have locked inside and decide change is what is needed. Believe it’s possible, believe it’s in your power, believe you can because you can and if you really want it, you will. Have courage my friend and find what you love or love what you do – if you are lucky you will do both in time.


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