The Ta Da Moment

Have you ever experienced one of those ‘ta da’ moments when things just seem to fall into place, your vision is clear and you know what you are doing. Sometimes they are a long time coming and sometimes they just jump out of nowhere and whisk your legs from beneath you. 

It’s a bit like looking for something so hard that you can’t find it and yet the minute you stop there it is, right in front of you. 

Desperately searching, desperately wanting, desperately lost and afraid it will never be. The theme is clear, desperation. There are things, people, emotions, dreams, careers, places that we want so much that we become desperate and yet it’s only when we let go of the desperation that they are free to appear. 

Desperation is a huge negative emotion that we carry with us. It shrouds us like a neon cloak showing everyone around us how much we want more and aren’t satisfied with what we already have. It’s a sign that we are uncomfortable with life, with friends, with loved ones and with who we are. That is not attractive. 

When we relax and let go we attract positive energy (at the end of the day energy is all we are and we create negative and positive energy is all we say, do and think). This letting go and trusting the universe to provide what we need (that can be very different to what we want) seems to free us and we attract rather than repel. 

So, what are you searching for? What do you hold onto in that desperate mode? What are you stifling, repelling and not letting in. Are you ready to ‘ta da’?


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