Ever watched the ocean

Have you ever just sat and watched the ocean coming and going. Close your eyes for a second and pop yourself onto a beach, just sit, get yourself comfy, feel the warmth of the sun on your face. There’s no one else there, just you. Listen to the ocean. Is is crashing huge waves or is the noise a gentle lapping as the waves find their way to shore? Just listen for a minute before opening your eyes.

Okay. Now open your eyes and see this beautiful ocean in all its glory. Watch the momentum it creates coming in then going out. If you have large waves crashing, see the foam created, sense the power and the speed the water delivers those waves onto the beach. If you have a more gentle ocean ahead of you look at how the waves seem to ooze onto the sand, gently creeping up, taking a breath for a split second, then returning back from where they came.

Life allows us to to be like this sometimes. We can come crashing down bringing chaos, power, excitement, noise and bursting onto the scene with enthusiasm and exiting just as quickly, leaving a sense of disorder and loss in our wake. We can also just sneak in,  gently, calmly yet powerful, wait a brief moment then leave back into a vast sea of people, invisible and unidentifiable.  Both have their place. Both can be relied on to turn up. Both will leave to where they came from. Both will leave their mark.

Sometimes we gently polish stones, remoulding, reshaping, cleaning, taking away the harsh edges and sometimes we crash down so hard we shatter them into tiny grains. Sometimes we erode away the place we’ve been until it’s unrecognisable and sometimes it’s as though we’ve never been. Sometimes we snatch what is lying ahead of us and take it with a strength and power no one else can fight and sometimes we just flow over what’s ahead.

Whichever you resonate with we know we can rely on the ocean for its beauty and it’s power and we know it will always keep on flowing up and down that beach making itself known. 


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