What we can’t see 

Change is rarely enjoyed as such, particularly if its enforced big change and it takes time to get comfortable with it. 

When a business has change to go through they will usually implement a change process and part of that is to ensure that employees work through the change to make it a a positive experience. There may be anger, frustration and a feeling of wrong being done to them but as they work through it gets easier. 

The fear of the unknown is huge and has a profound influence on how we feel and how we behave to ourselves, others around us and even our friends and family.

Everyone works through change at different speeds too. Some are very accepting with a “what will be will be” approach, some just need to work through all the pros and cons and then be on board and others will never accept change and will always be “we always did it this way” people. None of those are wrong and we should never judge another for where they are on this process. 

I thank god that we live in a society where we get choice, where we are allowed to agree or disagree without violence or discipline being enforced and where we can have discussion and debate. What I deplore is people turning on another because their view is different or being tactless or telling the other they are wrong to have such a viewpoint. We have no right to judge another without standing in their shoes.

None of us know what the future brings but seeing everything as a negative is not healthy and it breeds anger, bad feeling and gives an outward impression of dischord. Taking a positive approach to every situation is sometimes really hard but at least you do find the good points and focus on those. Influence where you can and be positive about what you can’t. You cannot go through life assuming that every decision is wrong before you’ve even see it played out. You may be right but you may be surprised. 

Standing together and making the best of it isn’t that hard to do surely? Protect the ones you love from what you fear may be by making their world positive. It’s the best gift you can give them.


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