Awaken to change

Here in the UK we wake to change today and the impact may be huge or very little, at this stage I know nothing of that. All I know is that my garden is full of sunshine, the birds are singing, I have a weekend of celebrations for my dads 80th birthday and I’m very happy. 

“You should be more concerned, let your feelings on this change be known, be more concerned about what might be”. Possibly, in some people’s minds, but today for me is as far as I go. Naive? Uncaring? Stupid? Again possibly but yesterday I was given the chance to say my piece and I did with a cross in a box, today I cannot influence the outcome I can simply live my life and wait for those who can, to do what they need to do. Me shouting, applauding, crowing from the sidelines will influence nothing, it will just give me a sore throat.

Change is necessary, change can feel hard, change is rarely welcomed but change is guaranteed so dealing with it is where you must give focus. If you played your part in the change in the UK yesterday then well done and you will either celebrate or commiserate this morning but life in your immediate world still needs to happen. If you didn’t play your part, it was a choice you made so you must deal with the outcome others created.

So whether you were for, against or non committal, you played your part in change which impacted many. So how easy is it to create change when it’s impacting just you? You’ve taken part in change on a huge scale so change in your own day, week, year must be as easy. Yes? It’s not always as easy as a cross in a box but is it achievable and when you have control it is safe, the outcome is your doing and you will see the world in a new light. So can you make today about change but change in you, for you, because of you?

No matter what this particular change brings this beautiful world is still spinning this morning and we should be thankful.


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